Skills Vital for CIOs to Survive Emerging Challenges

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the work pattern and core enterprise business strategies. From traditional business models to distributed workplaces, organizations are making plans for long-term digital transformation. In this article at ZDNet, Mark Samuels describes digital technology initiatives as the top priority for CIOs to achieve strategic business growth. Nonetheless, you also need to prepare for emerging challenges.

Growing Digital Demands

2021 has brought more digital demands for CIOs than the previous year. The swift move to the cloud last year has encouraged organizations to conquer digital limitations. They are open to discovering advanced digital services to boost growth and achieve high returns.

A New-Found Authority

CIOs have the authority to automate and upgrade company IT infrastructure. To retain this power, you must create a persuasive approach and strategy to enhance your digital abilities. Here is what you can do:

  • Adapt and collaborate with non-IT leaders to maintain seamless communication across all divisions.
  • Drive growth-oriented moves to promote modern digital leadership. It would reflect on the transformations you propose and help you get a digital makeover of your company.
  • Successful CIOs are the promoter of business renaissance, rather than just technical development.
  • Start engaging with the stakeholders more often. Speak about advanced digital services to resolve emerging business challenges.
  • Being the next-generation CIOs, you must influence your peers to hone their technical, business, and interpersonal skills to achieve success.

The 21st century is more about digital transformation rather than operational changes. Your advanced technical capabilities can take you a step ahead of the IT division. Meanwhile, your aptitude to improve business may offer you a seat at the management table. Drive long-term changes to help your company flourish and make a remarkable reputation in the market. Enhance your engagements with the board members. The next-generation IT leaders must develop the storytelling skill in business to operate skilfully within the diameter of C-suite executives.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/future-of-the-cio-three-skills-youll-need-to-succeed-in-2021/

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