Strategic Imperatives to Beat the 2021 Cyber Frauds

COVID-19 has imposed changes in the work habits employees have never assumed before. For millions of IT professionals, a usual workplace is no longer a cubicle or narrow office space. Instead, it has become a busy living room with uninformed visitors at home. So, organizations initiated digital support to the remote workforce with virtual channels of communication. However, these digital platforms have also become a hotspot for fraudsters to rob data. In this article at Help Net Security, you will come across 2021 fraudulent activities.

Face the Reality

According to a Federal Trade Commission report, over 275,000 fraud complaints were filed between the initial months of January 2020 to January 2021 period. A massive loss of over $210 million happened due to these threat actors. Businesses must anticipate and be wary of new scams to protect your organization from potential threats. Let’s take a look at them:

Fake Identity Hack

The threat actors can use a toxic combination of fake and real data to form a unique identity. One of the most upbeat financial crimes predicted is the ongoing synthetic identity criminals. It involves data breach, access to the dark web data, and so on. The fraudsters use fake biometric face verification, including “Frankenstein faces” leveraging artificial intelligence. Thus, the new identity can create a significant challenge to your venture.

Extraordinary Deals

With the growing rage for the COVID-19 vaccines, tricksters will keep on discovering new ways to capitalize on the situation. Be cautious of the at-home coronavirus test kits, vaccines, and treatments provided via emails. It could be a sophisticated phishing trap to uncover your bank details or other confidential data.

Stimulus Funding

The government-aided stimulus packages were a tremendous support for hundreds of Americans. However, malicious actors are also taking advantage of it by conducting scams. They are using stolen consumer data to seize stimulus funds issued for needy citizens.

Automated Threats

Cybercriminals are using automated approaches like script creation to turn stolen data into automated accounts. Similarly, they use credential stuffing to take over a legitimate account. Thus, these activities are making cyberattacks and automatic attempts more real and scalable.

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