Struggling to Manage Your Remote Teams? Follow These Tips

Today, nearly 50% of the global workforce is working in some sort of telecommuting role. Many IT professionals believe that remote opportunities are an attractive way to gain productive workers. However, many project managers find remote team management challenging. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Bob Kantor explains that managers must adopt an agile leadership model to manage a remote workforce. He also shares tips for struggling managers that can end the remote management problems for good. 

Strengthening Your Management Skills

Set the Agenda

Just like everyone follows a schedule in the office, employees must have a plan while working from home too. However, having a schedule and completing a task isn’t enough. As a manager, you must regularly share your feedback and ensure your team meets the time schedules. Your constructive feedback will help your team members improve or change their working way, if necessary.

Do What Matters the Most

“It’s not enough to do things right – you also need to do the right things,” explains Bob. You must choose the important task based on your strategic intent. Dedicate your quality time to those tasks during your productive work hours. In other words, get smart in your approach to work.

Be Intentional

Create a remote workforce atmosphere of engagement. Make your team meetings count with intentional purpose and opportunities to engage and contribute in various ways. Intentionality is an essential practice, especially when you cannot readily ‘see’ your team members.

Manage Employees’ Performance

Many IT managers struggle with conversations about improving team member performance. Establish a strong foundation upon which you can measure and correct your team members’ performance. You can transform performance management into a simple, comfortable, and continuous improvement process.

Strengthening your core management skills will undoubtedly help you eliminate some of the challenges you face. To read the original article, click on https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2020/12/remote-work-tips-for-struggling-managers.

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