Tech Trends That Redefine the Businesses in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its effect will last. Business leaders are now developing new digital capabilities to build resilience and retooling their organizations for the post-pandemic world. Keeping up with the fast-moving technology trends is critical. Gartner anticipates major technology trends in 2021 will disrupt the IT world and create massive opportunities for both solution providers and vendors. In this article at CRN, Mark Haranas shares technology trends that Gartner predicts will shake up the market in 2021.

Top Trends to Dominate 2021

Internet of Behavior (IoB)

IoB is about using data to influence behavior and generate data based on user actions. Today, businesses’ goal is to connect with and appeal to customers. Companies can achieve this only if they know their customers inside-out. From demographical data to likes on Instagram, IoB helps businesses acquire vast data to study their customers.


With digitization comes the need for automation. “Hyperautomation is the idea that anything that can be automated in an organization should be automated,” explains Haranas. One of the common misconceptions surrounding Hyperautomation is that automation replaces humans. Hyperautomation lets humans take on higher-value tasks with a focus on efficacy, efficiency, and business agility.

Distributed Cloud Services

Here, cloud services are distributed to different physical locations. However, the operations, governance, and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider. This allows businesses to seamlessly run their organization without adopting whole cloud technologies that are irrelevant to their verticals.

Anywhere Operations

This model will be vital for businesses to emerge successfully from COVID-19. Anywhere Operations allows the businesses to be accessed, delivered, and enabled anywhere. Additionally, this framework improves employee experience and also brings in significant returns for organizations.

Cybersecurity Mesh

A cybersecurity mesh allows enterprises to place a ‘secure wall’ around remote workers. It is a distributed architectural approach to flexible and reliable cybersecurity control. Cybersecurity mesh is highly effective, especially in the ‘work from home’ scenario.

To thrive in the post-pandemic digital space, you need a more lean and clean approach. To read the original article, click on https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/cloud/gartner-s-top-technology-trends-that-will-define-2021/1.

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