The Perils of Cyber-Physical Systems in 2021

Organizations are no longer alien to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and attacks. The security leaders are well aware of risks they pose, so they regularly track, research, mitigate, and spread awareness on the subject. In this article at ITProPortal, Katell Thielemann elaborates on the emergence of cyber-physical systems (CPSs). The subject is vast and has enabled a fresh set of considerations for the IT and security leaders.

Knowing the Unknown

Surrounded by advanced threats and knowledge gaps, cyber-physical systems manifest the conjunction of information and operational technologies (OT/IT). Thus, the implementation of IoT or smart technologies takes place. Many enterprises remain unaware or ignorant of the fact and suffer losses. Here are some significant facts you must know:

Cyber Enemies

CPS threat actors are similar to cyber hackers, but their intentions are different. Unlike common vulnerabilities, these attackers have a wider network in the physical world. Thus, organizations need to stay proactive in ensuring corporate cybersecurity and resilience. These are the typical playgrounds of CPS threat actors:

  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs) aim at cyber espionage of a nation.
  • They interrupt important web services to get monetary returns.
  • They can turn your internal resources against you, triggering revenge or deceit.
  • Even a political cause can promote cyber hacking.

Future Prospects

According to the US security agencies FBI and CISA, a sharp rise in CPS activities was observed in recent months. The threat actors are leaving no stone unturned to conduct malicious activities, causing damage to technical assets. According to a Gartner prediction, the financial impact of CPS attacks in 2019 may result in $50 billion of losses by 2023. Besides the financial losses, the CSP attacks may also cause loss of customers, intellectual property thefts, and other operational breakdowns.

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