Transformational Leadership: Traits That Set You Apart

In today’s time, you witness unpredictability and change constantly — digital transformation or changing global market trends. These changes have brought massive challenges for leaders to adapt to a leadership style that can help them sustain. The competencies of a successful digital transformation leader are different from those of a traditional IT boss. What are signs of a successful digital transformation leader? In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby shares some crucial hallmarks of influential transformation leaders.

Traits of a Transformational Leader


Transformational leaders are proactive in decision-making. They do not wait for others to make decisions and then react. They take an innovative approach and try new things to boost organizational capabilities. Besides, they also understand how to manage risks and make decisions backed by multiple insights and research.

Check on Ego

When placed in a position of power, traditional leaders let their ego get their employees’ best. However, transformational leaders keep their ego in check and do not let it get in the way of achieving organizational goals. They encourage the best input from others within the organization because when a company succeeds, they also succeed.

Prioritize Customer Experience

“Successful tech leaders think of the customer first. A great way for leaders to build a better appreciation for this is to get in front of customers, talk to them, and understand the pros and cons of their existing solutions,” explains Stephanie. Technology leaders often provide the best technology solutions to their customers without considering the actual customer experience.


Employees seek inspiration from higher authorities, and transformational leaders are perhaps the most inspiring of all. They help employees build focus, set a clear vision, and inspire them to execute on the vision. Their inspiration is not just limited to the formal acknowledgment of a job well done; instead, they treat each employee as a valued individual.

Developing these characteristics is what separates an organization that is led by managers versus leaders. Read the original article by clicking on https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2021/1/digital-transformation-11-signs-successful-leader.

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