Trends That Will Impact the Future of ESM

Enterprise service management (ESM) is a hot topic for people who manage organizations’ infrastructure. With rapid levels of digitization, experts believe that one of the defining ESM trends would be acceleration-driven operational procedure changes. What are the other ESM trends that business leaders must watch out for? In this article at TechBeacon, Christopher Null explains ESM trends that will impact businesses in 2021.

Trends to Watch Out For

ESM to Become a Requirement

“Adoption of ESM principles is accelerating because there are now enough documented success stories to give enterprises the confidence to move forward,” explains Christopher. This will certainly make ESM a necessity for IT organizations this year.

Chat Tools Are Inevitable

Adopting chat tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack has accelerated as companies have switched to remote work for the long term. The live chat enables IT teams to address and resolve employee and business expectations.

AI Will Play a Critical Role

Artificial Intelligence’s ability to complete transactions without human interactions works in favor of the ESM. Besides, the new advancements in AI and machine learning (ML) will help detect threats while enabling the security personnel to close the security gaps in the system.

Evolving Customer Service

Experts believe that less contact and less interaction with people will be the new way of doing things. ESM will enable customers to put service requests in using a web-based interface. Further, customers can check their requests’ status and get notifications when the jobs have been completed.

Rise In CSO Positions

The title chief service office (CSO) is a relatively rare position in IT organizations now. Considering all the services, the enterprises will now provide to its vendors, stakeholders, employees, customers, and contractors; this role will require broad skillsets. The position demands qualified candidates with a decade or more of experience in these areas. The CSOs can demand C-level executive roles as they are responsible for everything in service management.

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