What 2021 IT Industry Has in Store for You?

What 2021 IT Industry Has in Store for You?

The past days have shaped the 2021 IT industry to become more volatile yet stable in its own way. You cannot go back to the old way of doing business, so why not move forward? While diversity and inclusion should be the top priorities for organizations, there are a couple of significant shifts in ‘rebuilding’ the future scope. In this article at the Computing Technology Industry Association, find out what the 2021 IT industry has in store for you.

2021 IT Industry Overview


  • Vaccines might turn up to mitigate the virus issues, but there is no turning back to how businesses were before. Organizations must equip themselves with multiple revenue-generating options.
  • Though the cloud platforms made no major headlines in 2020, they will dominate the limelight again this year.
  • Channel firms must be flexible because their dependency on small businesses can cause their businesses to shut down.
  • Organizations are going to prioritizing strategic IT more than tactical methods they previously used.
  • One of the most important trends in the 2021 IT industry is that companies will prioritize zero-trust models for cybersecurity measures.
  • Managed service providers will also deepen their cybersecurity protocols.
  • Laws will come out to curb the monopoly of technology brands and regulate smaller companies.
  • Current digital prioritization has pushed the IT teams to be strategic partners for business growth. So, IT professionals now must hone soft skills too.
  • Organizations will give more attention to diversifying their workforce.

What’s More?

  • According to IDC reports, the 2021 IT industry revenue will go up to $5 trillion, i.e., a 4.2-percent rise from the current numbers. Though the U.S. is the largest tech market across the globe (33 percent), most of the IT spending occurs outside, especially in the western European region (67 percent).
  • Techies will be frontrunners in rebuilding the global economy in the 2021 IT industry space. 80 percent of IT workers are happy about being in IT. Budget will be a constraint, so companies will want to discover quick fixes as early as possible. Database administration will get the top priority, with companies preferring to hire experienced candidates.
  • Channel firms will heavily rely on their existing clientele before investing further in new ones.

All trends seem to be about rebuilding the global economy all over. So, the 2021 IT industry will be about being flexible, positive, and resourceful.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.comptia.org/content/research/it-industry-trends-analysis

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