What Kind of CIOs are Companies Searching For?

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation across organizations in ways that CIOs could not have anticipated a year ago. Organizations are making their operations nimbler and efficient enough to adapt to dramatic fluctuations in demand and customer expectations, among other sudden shifts. Under such situations, CIOs must solve the needs of now while creating opportunities for future transformation. What are the critical personal characteristics that a CIO must possess? In this article at WHICH-50, Andrew Birmingham shares the findings of the research from Gartner.

Critical Personal Characteristics

Companies aiming to hire CIOs in 2021 are searching for a different kind of tech leader than in the past. “Research from Gartner indicates that 70 percent of hiring processes for new CIOs rank individual determination and sensitivity as two critical personal characteristics in 2021,” explains Andrew. This shift is partly informed by the pressures of the pandemic. Organizations are looking forward to hiring CIOs who are assertive while showing empathy and flexibility.

As per Gartner’s research, determination refers to the firmness of resoluteness and turning decisions into actions, despite how tough they are. Sensitivity is the quality of feeling empathetic towards others’ difficulties and acting accordingly. In other words, as companies across the globe are still unsettled about the future, they expect their CIOs to be determined to implement timely decisions while demonstrating emotional dexterity to be supportive and discreet.

Demand for Soft Leadership Skills

According to the research, CIOs who enhanced their emotional dexterity in the digital era also improved their self-management skills during the crisis. Top-performing leaders engaged themselves in mentoring, rewarding, and developing the employees. They chose unscheduled and ad-hoc catch-ups over formal workshops and meetings. Transparency and authentic communications are the most admired emotional dexterity leadership competency.

CIOs are uniquely positioned to lead their organizations to success. Therefore, these soft skills are as critical as technical skills a typical CIOs embody. To read the original article, click on https://which-50.com/what-are-the-two-critical-personal-characteristics-companies-want-in-their-cios-in-2021/.

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