What to Anticipate Next in Project Management?

A dynamic shift was observed in project management in the global lockdown. Upgraded technology, advanced tools, and improved infrastructure have redefined the industry. The virtual business operations have opened doors for remarkable opportunities for project managers and IT leaders. In this article at PMStudent, Luke Smith defines the role of project managers in navigating post-pandemic shifts.

Gear Up for the Implications

Indeed, the future of project management seems glorious in the decades ahead. Nonetheless, prepare yourself to avoid unforeseen pitfalls. Your job as a project manager is to guide the team about remote work consequences. Initiate strategic development to survive the intensities of the post-epidemic phase.

Communication Checklist

A guidebook or agenda, including management best practices, can help you keep track of the remote workforce. Here is what you must incorporate into it:

  • Well-defined standards of communication
  • Usage of reputable and reliable channels of communication
  • Flexibility to schedule meetings per stakeholder or resource availability
  • A strategic approach to achieve desired outcomes
  • Open communication among team members

Your agile mindset and advanced approaches can help the team catch issues as soon as they occur. Thus, you can help in boosting team morale and focus on achieving goals. Be empathetic and patient when you counter unforeseen communication barriers.

Change Management

The post-crisis volatility is encouraging organizations to transform business operations and other arrangements. Project managers must guide the top players to adapt to emerging changes like team downsizing. Here is what your priorities should be:

  • Start marginal operational costs to prevent employee layoffs.
  • Support your team in the transition period by addressing their concerns.
  • Reduce their anxieties by empathizing and listening to them.
  • Take the opportunity to improve your team’s knowledge through online training.
  • Track project status and check-ins using advanced platforms and tools.
  • Set clear goals and work on performance metrics to meet, achieve, and motivate your team.

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