Why is ‘One Platform Approach’ Valuable for Your Business?

If your organization’s goal is to provide the right IT services to your customers – whether internal or external, service portfolio management is a vital step towards delivering value. Service portfolio management is an enabling part of ITSM that IT organizations must consider. In this article at Government Technology, the author explains why ITSM and project portfolio management (PPM) belong to each other and the benefits of using the one platform approach for ITSM and PPM.

What Are the Benefits?

“By bringing ITSM and PPM together on a common platform, you can better understand your resource capabilities and engage in true resource capacity planning,” says the author. This one platform approach helps business leaders get a bigger view of the functioning within the organization. Further, it allows them to balance workloads across projects and support. A well-managed service portfolio helps in answering the following questions:

  • Why should a customer purchase the service?
  • What’s the price and chargeback system?
  • How to allocate resources and capabilities?

This information enables managers to assess the quality of services and the cost associated with the project. Further, it helps managers decide which services customers currently use, anticipate what they might need in the future, and what they no longer need. With this information, managers can also avoid overcommitting or underutilizing resources.

Combined Platform Works Better

By bringing ITSM and PPM together for proper resource capacity planning, organizations can reap several benefits. Some of them include:

  • Improved IT productivity
  • Transparency into value, costs, and risks
  • Improved performance measurement and reporting capabilities
  • Justification for proposed services and significant changes to existing services
  • Improved quality of service

This means customers can exactly understand what the organization will deliver to them and under what conditions. As a business leader, you will have a mechanism to enable the organization to investigate and decide which services to provide, depending on the acceptable risk levels and potential return.

To read the original article, click on https://www.govtech.com/computing/Why-IT-Service-Management-and-Project-Portfolio-Management-Belong-Together.html.

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