Why Keeping Stakeholders Connected is Critical?

A well-developed stakeholder communication plan is essential for building positive stakeholder relationships. So, what is an effective engagement strategy? It is the ability to build long-term relationships with stakeholders and keep stakeholders connected to deliver better outcomes. A project manager or leader is much more than someone who implements the plan and oversees the activities. In this contemporary interconnected business world, managers who foster a deep level of connection with their stakeholders have a significant competitive advantage. In this article at PMtimes, Christina Tan explains how to keep stakeholders connected during these uncertain times.

Strategies for Connecting Stakeholders

Be Honest

As a project manager, inform your stakeholders about the performance of the company. Ensure to provide reliable and accurate information to avoid ruining a good relationship. If a project encounters some issues, be open about them. Your stakeholders will appreciate and respect you for being honest. Further, they will be more willing to help before the situation goes out of control.

Be Mindful

“Keeping the wrong stakeholders hostage in a long meeting is more likely to make them feel more disconnected from the project than included if they are unfamiliar with the topic,” explains Christina. Therefore, you must identify your stakeholders, their role, and vested interests in the topic of discussion before inviting them to meetings.

Prioritize Stakeholder Engagement

During these times of uncertainty and crisis, it is essential to maintain and build relationships. Stakeholder engagement includes communicating with people often so they fully understand the benefits of your project. When stakeholders understand the situation, they are more likely to support you, when necessary. For those who are new within your circle, look for opportunities to build trust and identify additional areas of shared interests. Always remember to be consistent with your communication.

You can employ many strategies to connect stakeholders. As aforementioned, having effective communication skills is crucial because they lay a good foundation for building trust with your stakeholders. To read the original article, click on https://www.projecttimes.com/articles/keeping-stakeholders-connected-during-uncertain-times.html.

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