Automated ITSM: A Telework Trend for Federal Agencies

The world has accepted the new reality born from the coronavirus epidemic in personal and professional lives. The habits of wearing masks or frequent hand washing are here to stay. So is the practice of telework that has developed a firm hold in remote working. Thus, IT service management agencies are trying hard to cope with the telework model’s roadblocks. In this article at FedTech, Carolyn Shapiro and Phil Goldstein explain how ITSM eases telework for federal users.

Fact Facet

According to a recent survey of 300 C-level federal executives by Market Connections, 41 percent of respondents expect to work from home three days a week post pandemic. In contrast, the other 41 percent expect to telework four to five days a week. Adapting to this work style has brought many positive developments for the federal executives. The shift has enabled effortless IT operations while addressing the everyday challenges of users.

Federal agencies make use of IT service management tools for handling remote telework. ITSM has helped IT teams to prioritize projects and create desired operating facilities for federal staff. A broad set of responsibilities falls under IT service management, including IT asset management, incident management, and change management. The insightful services offered by ITSM helps efficiently address emerging IT challenges faced by federal agencies.

ITSM in Veterans Affairs

Due to the sudden shift to remote work setup during the global lockdown, even the Department of Veterans Affairs has pivoted its operations to handle the distributed workforce. However, its IT team faced a sizeable rise in IT service requests from the remote workforce for immediate aid. The Director of Service Management for Veterans Affairs, Greg Rankin, shares how their Monday mornings have become chaotic because of incessant password reset requests. The wait times to address IT service requests have extended from 20 to 40 minutes.

Thanks to self-service tools, the IT service desk could reset the VA’s password and dodge the ‘personal identity verification’ prohibition. The automated self-service tool to fix users’ password requests has saved almost five minutes on each attempt. Ever since the password reset service has been streamlined, the Veterans Affairs ITSM program has gained widespread usage.

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