Can Fractional CIOs Assist in Growing Your Venture?

If you have a mid-sized or small company, hiring a team of top-notch CIOs or IT leaders is a stress on the annual budget. You cannot afford an expensive IT team either. On top of it, the remote work model has been adding to your woes. In this article at Forbes, David Moise suggests a cost-effective solution to ease your IT security and other constraints. Find an eligible part-time CIO.

Been There, Done That

The idea of hiring interim CIOs or CEOs has worked wonders for many companies over the years. The concept is not new, is well-tested and approved by many successful startups. The trend is gaining traction now due to the remote working model.

A temporary or part-time chief information officer can help you find a budget-friendly cybersecurity solution. They can even conduct board meetings, interact with stakeholders, represent your brand in the market, and develop security roadmaps. Most interim CIOs are skilled and experienced to foresee potential failures or roadblocks by analyzing your past performance.

Digital Transformation

According to recent McKinsey or Gartner studies, digital transformation is as significant as beating the emerging market competition. No matter the company size, digital changes entail a host of new techniques and advanced developments. To stay upbeat, you need upgraded technologies and tools.

Fractional CIOs can play a remarkable role in this regard. They can back your organization when you do not have a well-defined project. You can hire them to resolve a problem that you are not sure how to overcome. Many interim CIOs have set up their own consulting companies and professional networks to find gig projects. You can also reach out to former CIOs that can define the strategic approach to developing a technology plan for an improved ROI.

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