CIOs, You Should Have These Traits By Now

CIOs, You Should Have These Traits By Now

Organizations are racing to build a digital business landscape. They are looking forward to offering solutions to customers that can be done online or through automated portals. You need certain traits as a CIO to facilitate these operations. In this article at CIO Insight, find those characteristics to stay aligned with the digital world.

Traits of CIOs

Doing business is challenging in today’s rapidly changing world, so CIOs find themselves on edge more than ever. Though things might not become more manageable, you certainly can try to handle them better. Here the traits that today’s CIOs must imbibe:

Performance Metrics

With systems generating data from all data sources, organizations must know how to make sense of it. CIOs must establish metrics to objectively learn about IT team and system performance. Additionally, it provides tangible visibility to work on continuous business progression.

Changing Roles

The term ‘CIO’ has migrated from chief information officer to chief innovation officer. The role is not confined to IT departments any longer but diversified to look after the entire company. CIOs should find ways in which businesses can expand leveraging disruptive technologies.

Realistic Goals

Gone are the days when CIOs had to convince the board members even to let their ideas see the light of day. In today’s business brainstorming sessions, they take the lead in moving from the planning stage to the execution phase.

Personalizing IT

Businesses are more customer-centric and catering to users from an individual perspective. As a CIO, your job is to enable your consumers to get used to virtual offerings and solutions.

Rapid Solutions

Your product or service’s time-to-market must reduce from 90 to 120 days to make the best of trending opportunities. So, you must understand the demands soon to launch the offerings in the market before your competitors.


Instead of making isolated departmental efforts, you must know whose alliance in the company would fast-track your project efforts. Having a good rapport with the CFO, CMO, and other C-suite customers could come in handy to get things out of the door.

Taking Notes

Everyone in the organization can provide ideas about how IT can be utilized. From the CEO to your customer service agents, all can provide feedback to make IT the framework of your business setup. Leverage it.

More Than Tech

Roles are diversifying, so you must hire IT professionals with well-rounded skills. Apart from having exceptional technical expertise, the individual must also have strong interpersonal skills.

Financial Acumen

CIOs cannot limit themselves to technical know-how around their domain of expertise. You must have a keen interest in the financial status of the organization as well.

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