CISOs, 5 Tips to Improve Company’s Security Program

CISOs, 5 Tips to Improve Company’s Security Program

Are you relentlessly upgrading your company’s security program, and yet another gap is cropping up? You come online to accomplish all the tasks, but do meetings and urgent replies break your concentration? It is more challenging because the board members are not on the same page despite several brainstorming sessions. In this article at EC-Council Blog, Marco Túlio Moraes shares tips that CISOs could utilize to improve their company’s security program.

Beef Up Security Program

No two stakeholders have the same risk tolerance levels, nor do they share the same business interests. It is harder than getting SMEs for your various security roles. Utilize the following tips to improve the company’s security program:

Business Knowledge

As a CISO, you must continuously stay aware of the daily business updates. Anything that can help improve your company’s security program must be in your area of expertise. So, pay close attention to business objectives, product launches, service offerings, roadblocks, and strategies.

Strategic Objectives

Since more organizations are moving towards digital transformation, they have begun to consider cybersecurity as part of their business strategy. So, learn and explain how your security program can benefit the business to increase stakeholder buy-ins.


You should not bear the entire responsibility of beefing up the company’s security program. Involve everyone so that all can learn how they can contribute to secure the organizational databases and network. Brainstorming ideas that take into account majority decisions help to increase participation and engagement in the meetings.

Supportive Team

CISOs must have their team’s backing through all ups and downs. To make it happen, provide resources and required approvals to streamline their tasks. Provide the appropriate ownership and constructive feedback to enable a collaborative and robust work environment.


If you cannot communicate well, no amount of expensive tools, processes, or governance hierarchy can save your security program. To improve cybersecurity protocols, you must send out the right message at the right time to the right person. Time is crucial when you suspect a breach has occurred. Send emails with clear messages and demonstrate the problem using precise words in meetings.

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