Digital Employee Experience Tops IT Leader Priority

Digital Employee Experience Tops IT Leader Priority

A new report by Pulse.QA and Nexthink revealed the gap between IT department support and digital employee experience (DEX). Only 49 percent of IT leaders thought DEX was their priority in May 2019 compared to 96 percent post-pandemic. The shift was mainly attributable to the urgency to stay in business. In this article at TechRepublic, N.F. Mendoza shares the changing IT leader priority as regards to digital employee experience.

What’s Your IT Leader Priority?

94 percent of tech executives agreed that automated engagement tools could boost the digital employee experience. 43 percent of IT leaders experienced a massive spike in ticket volume in May 2020. Instead of going down, 70 percent of respondents now report the same issue. The top problems that challenged digital employee experience were VPN connectivity, virtual calls, Wi-Fi, security issues, application downtime, and password resets.  

Despite such rising issues, 34 percent of the participants still use manual DEX tools, and 46 percent do not have any measurement tools. A Pulse.QA survey poll taken by North American and European IT leaders and workers revealed that only 55 percent of employees reported digital issues. So, help desks were unaware of the other 45-percent of IT troubles.

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If there are 100 IT disruptions and each issue lasts for 28 minutes, then your company loses 40 hours of productivity every year per employee. With resource strength of 10,000, it costs your organization $500,000 per week and $25 million per year. So, the IT leader priority list has digital employee experience at the top.

IT leaders were confident that their help desk could solve the following issues well:

  • Productivity and collaboration tools (65%)
  • Core business tolls (51%)
  • VPN performance (40%)
  • Device performance and security (38%)
  • Employee satisfaction and outreach (34%)
  • Work from anywhere (16%)
  • Asset compliance (15%)
  • Wi-Fi performance (14%)
  • Digital transformation (10%)
  • Employee outreach and survey collection (9%)
  • Application deployment (6%)

The report concluded, “most IT departments lack effective employee outreach and tools to collect meaningful feedback”.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/96-of-tech-leaders-say-digital-employee-experience-is-a-top-priority/

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