Embrace Automation to Reduce IT Support Overtime

Embrace Automation to Reduce IT Support Overtime

Automation already played a significant role in reducing IT support overtime before the pandemic. With the majority of the global workforce working from home, the load on IT desk agents has increased tenfold. In his blog article, Joe the IT Guy shares how automation can further reduce IT support overtime.

Lower IT Support Overtime

Self-Service Portals

Automation can provide service offerings like self-service portals. If you are still providing hands-on services to clients, you are wasting resources. End-users would rather change passwords by themselves via an automated service than wait in a customer service queue. Automation tools can decrease IT support overtime by addressing these issues in reduced response time.

Service Requests and Approvals

Through automation, end-users would know when they have reached their financial transaction limits. It can also be the number of times they can try their password before an automated message is sent for account lockout. You do not need an IT service agent to monitor these activities.

Escalation and Events

When a ticket escalates, automation can send the required notification to the right higher-ups for immediate responses. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the tools can decide whether the ticket needs a real IT service agent.


IT support overtime will reduce when you leverage runbooks. These are used mainly to ‘start, stop, monitor, or debug an IT system’. When you sync these automated runbooks to a service catalog and set up conditions, it can easily improve your response time.

ESM Automation

Unlike popular belief, IT departments are not the only departments to feel the increased workload. With automation, you can also reduce the burden to other departments. Utilize enterprise service management to establish ITSM protocols in other units like HR, accounting and finance, facilities, and purchasing.

AI and Bots

Artificial intelligence and software bots are doing wonders in several industries. Their combined efforts are already benefitting the IT departments in customer service. If you want to further reduce IT support overtime, leverage machine learning (ML). Your AI bots would analyze the data patterns faster and apply the resulting knowledge to appropriate use cases.

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