Has Remote Work Changed the IT Leadership Role?

Has Remote Work Changed the IT Leadership Role?

No other job position has rapidly upscaled other than the IT leadership role. With the pandemic-induced overnight shift of the business model, the job’s nature has become more employee-centric. Since organizations heavily depend on employee performance for revenue generation, their productivity is a CIO priority. In this article at BizTech Magazine, Bob Keaveney shares how remote work has changed the IT leader role.

Changing IT Leadership Role

Ben Hammersley, a technology futurist, believes that the C-suite must use their say in the board to enable employees. Employee experience depends on the resources like proprietory tools that they use for a positive outcome. Let’s find out below how remote work had accelerated changes in your IT leadership role:

Business Model Revision

  • Cross-country travels and one-on-one meetings are now replaced with virtual, to-the-point conferences. The IT leadership role must facilitate adequate digital solutions to make this happen.
  • While people were trying out new collaborative options, the pandemic made it mandatory to integrate such tools into the business model.
  • Since employees started using home computers and personal networks, IT teams could not initially secure them. Staff became the easiest loopholes for threat actors to infiltrate databases. The number of data breaches has jumped in recent months.

Incoming Risks

  • Employees have to pay more attention to the concept of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ wherein you must leverage all of what you can see on a screen. So, CIOs must learn to separate the necessary from random data for efficiency.
  • Mental models are not up-to-date and can be downright wrong sometimes. For an IT leadership role, your task should be to steer them away from such issues.
  • Employees’ work setup has downgraded from multiple monitors to a single laptop screen. Studies indicate that productivity increases when you work on several monitors. Better lighting and furniture also play a part. Provide staff the necessary infrastructure for quality delivery.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://biztechmagazine.com/article/2020/10/cdw-tech-talk-remote-work-has-changed-tech-leaders-jobs-probably-good

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