Here’s What CEOs Must Know About Cybersecurity

The ever-growing network breaches and data leaks are a constant reminder of the lurking security threats. Cybersecurity is now a board-level issue, demanding the highest level of corporate attention. Even with a competent IT team and CISO in place, a CEO must know a few basic cybersecurity things to protect the organization from security threats. In this article at Security Boulevard, Daniel Wanderson explains four prevalent areas of information security that all CEOs must be familiar with while running their businesses.

What Must CEOs Be Mindful Of?

Privacy and Regulations

Many governments have already created, or are in the process of creating, regulations that protect the users and their data. As a result, organizations must treat data privacy as both a business risk and compliance issue to reduce commercial impacts such as reputational damage and customer loss.


Compliance is often an internal framework that establishes communications and measurement procedures to ensure that organizations meet government mandates. This framework enables CEOs to spot areas out of compliance and take the necessary steps to pass all audits. CEOs often confuse compliance with cyber-protection or threat mitigation. Compliance merely advances industry and government collaboration. It is not a replacement for risk-based decision-making processes.

Reputational Damage

Cyberattacks are now more sophisticated and organized. They are successful in posing a risk to an organization’s reputation more than ever before. As a CEO, “you should consider creating an approach to treat the reputation damage,” explains Wanderson. Additionally, equip your organization to deal with attacks on reputation.

Risk Management

CEOs must prepare their enterprises for the unpredictable, so they have the resilience to withstand high-impact and unforeseen events. As a business leader, you must calculate the risks of getting attacked by hackers. Studies have indicated that companies that invest in risk management have better chances to stand up against the attacks and recover if the attacks are successful.

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