Here’s Your Guide to Creating a Successful Team

Delegation in leadership not only gets things done, but it also empowers employees by giving them greater autonomy. As a lead engineer, you cannot do everything, and delegation is a key tool for boosting team and organizational performance. Delegation enables you to swap your routine activities with top-priority strategic initiatives. Further, it allows your team members to hone their work management skills. In this article at Hackernoon, Alex Kataev explains how a lead engineer can create a dream team through automation and delegation.

How to Correctly Delegate a Task?

Respect each employee’s time and autonomy while supporting them when issues arise. Maintain accountability for all overall outcomes; however, distance yourself from the details. Free up your schedule, develop your employees, and improve the bottom line. Here are some ways to implement effective delegation.

One Channel for All Communication Needs

“Developers and QA engineers take shifts to be on call and answer all incoming questions. If they don’t have an answer, they can tag the developer working on that part of the product,” says Kataev. As a lead engineer, you can also hire employees or freelancers for bot management. This can eliminate time-consuming tasks from your schedule.

Support and Challenge One Another

Respect your colleagues’ expertise, support them and their decisions. However, you must challenge them when the decisions don’t align with the company’s goals. Your ultimate responsibility is to prioritize organizational goals. Since every team member has expertise, it is essential to respect and learn from their domain knowledge.

Be Prepared for Critical Situations

What do you do when a production server crashes in the middle of the night? Set up a bot that makes a call if the server crashes. Ensure that your developers take shifts and have access to all the diagnostic tools and all the servers. Get involved in the process only if the developers on-call fail to investigate the critical situation.

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