How AI Helps in Elevating Your ITSM?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have accelerated robotics and automation advancements, having significant implications on almost every aspect of business. The potential of AI enhancing everyday business activities and strategies has initiated rapid global implementation among organizations. In this article at Forbes, Louis Columbus explains how AI can elevate an organization’s service and operations management.

Benefits of AI in Service Management


AI and automation deliver business advantages. AI makes the decisions while automation executes the actions in a repeatable manner. Together they can bring many benefits to ITSM. Some of them include:

  • Greater productivity: AI-driven automation can increase enterprise productivity and eliminate complexity.
  • Improved customer experience: Deliver personalized experiences to delight end-users and ensure that service-level agreements (SLAs) are consistently met.
  • Lower IT operations cost: AI-powered automation lowers your cost by reducing the workload that human agents need to address.

Conversational AI

“Choosing to implement Virtual Chatbots supported by a unified knowledge base reduces MTTR by providing articles, service catalog items, and support,” says Columbus. Some of the benefits of conversational AI include:

  • Lower cost of customer care: AI can handle requests at a higher volume than humans and provide relevant and correct information faster.
  • Improved employee experience: Virtual chatbots allow human agents to address more complex issues by taking on simple requests such as resetting passwords and checking delivery status. It enables IT professionals to use their skills to build customer relationships.

AI-Based Knowledge Base

Many companies are implementing the advanced use case of AI in ITSM to create and fine-tune the taxonomies that define a knowledge base. This method will undoubtedly save organizations hundreds of hours.

Closure Rate Improvement

AI demonstrates a 360-degree view of why shared ITSM trouble tickets prove problematic to resolve. It provides the root cause of the problems and works towards resolving the issue.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2021/01/29/10-ways-ai-can-elevate-your-service-and-operations-management/?sh=5aace4f76086.

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