How Can Boards Help CEOs Improve Their Leadership

As a CEO, your board can be one of your greatest allies. They significantly contribute to your success. The relationship with board directors is easiest to manage, yet most valuable. Seeking advice from the board members will undoubtedly help you develop a skillset most successful CEOs excel at—leading change. In this article at Forbes, Elizabeth Freedman explains how board members can support their CEO’s success.

Ways Boards Can Help Its CEOs

Needs of the Organization

A conversation about the organization’s needs and how those needs mesh with the talents of different board members is one way to assure that the best solutions are in place. Furthermore, these meaningful conversations help maximize boards’ and CEOs’ contributions towards the organization’s requirements.

Constructive Feedback

Board members can be responsible for CEOs’ success by giving candid feedback on how they are performing. Management must implement a formal, annual, and data-driven process to provide the evaluation. Additionally, the process must solicit inputs from all board members. They are invaluable professional development resources for CEOs. Therefore, in addition to the formal process, they must provide informal feedback to CEOs, thus contributing to their development.

Practice Active Listening

Board members must practice active listening with the CEO and fellow board members. The group conversations help uncover the nuances and additional information essential for a critical decision-making process. Offering solutions after carefully listening to the organizational issues is the best way for board members to support the CEOs in determining the best course of action.

A Different Approach

“Major change and transformation initiatives are big-ticket programs with lots at stake, so no surprise that they are likely to receive extra scrutiny and attention from the board,” says Freedman. Board members must encourage CEOs with a strong plan to win employees’ hearts and minds and operationalize change.

These actions will undoubtedly go a long way in increasing the board members’ contribution to a CEO’s success. Additionally, this effective partnership between the board and CEOs will play a unique role in creating a better future for employees and companies. To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/elizabethfreedman/2021/02/20/3-pieces-of-advice-the-board-member-gave-his-ceo/?ss=ceo-network&sh=353927cc3978.

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