How Crisis Push Good Leaders Towards Greatness?

How Crisis Push Good Leaders Towards Greatness?

When crisis demoralizes ordinary people, good leaders figure them as opportunities. It is incredibly challenging to survive in a pandemic-stricken economy. Individuals fear health risks, and organizations worry about business meltdowns. How does a leader stay positive in such extremities? Call it their nature or their attitude to win in every situation, they make it through. In her blog article, Susanne Madsen shares how good leaders achieve greatness in a crisis.

Transformation of Good Leaders

Have you come across good leaders that make all the problems go away? Do they have all the answers? No. They utilize their experience and maturity without letting their emotions block their problem-solving visibility. Here are what good leaders do that make them great in the end:


John Maxwell, the author of ‘21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’, says that good leaders ask, “What is best for the people? How can I lift them up? How can I serve and help them get through the crisis and get better from it?” Good leaders create opportunities where none was present. They always prioritize their team requirements. They have learned through years of being in the field that any crisis will pass. So, they do not let emotions overwhelm them and look for ways to address the existing issues. They also clearly communicate to the team how they conclude such positive returns from those roadblocks. The honesty and transparency invoke greatness in good leaders.


Good leaders never leave their people’s side even when things are not looking up. They confess when they themselves could not solve the situation. Gone are the days when leadership meant having a larger-than-life persona that never had faltered anywhere. People want to touch you and learn that you are prone to mistakes as they are. That gives them hope that they too can be like the good leaders someday.

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