How to Get Noticed by Senior Management

No matter what career stage you are in, if you want to climb up the career ladder, somebody in a decision-making position must notice that you are ready to take on more responsibility. So, how do you get noticed by senior leadership? In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder shares etiquette that you must follow while interacting with senior management.

Ways to Get Noticed

Reveal Your Personality

Many believe that it is essential to be humble, serious, and somewhat reserved while communicating with senior management. However, senior business leaders want to see what kind of a leader you are, your personality, and what distinguishes you from others. Show them what makes you, you.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

“If you want to form a relationship with your boss’s boss, you will have to bring your soft skills as well. These are core to developing a real connection and making a lasting impression,” says Rudder. Additionally, being trustworthy is a valuable trait.

Connect to the Top Concerns

Stay aligned with the priorities of senior management. Ask yourself, ‘Are my interests absolutely relevant to their top concerns today?’ Frame your discussions in terms of those concerns.

Raise Your Hand

Ask for opportunities to showcase your skills and talents. Demonstrating that you are ready to take the initiative is always a good thing. If you see an area where you believe you can contribute and be an asset to the company, ask to participate. Explain what you will gain from the opportunity and why you believe you can make a valuable contribution.

Be Concise

When you get to attend a meeting with senior leaders, be concise. Business leaders are exceptionally busy people and may afford you only a few minutes of their time. Have a ‘three-minute version’ of your message prepared in advance. Keep your message simple, clear, and short to have a greater impact.

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