Ideas to Build a Great Project Initiation Document

Ideas to Build a Great Project Initiation Document

How many times have you regretted not having a project initiation document? It enables people to refer to the ideas and agreements that were approved in the kickoff meetings. Though documentation seems to be an added task, it benefits everyone in the long run. In this article at PM Tips, Adela Belin shares ideas to build a great project initiation document.

Creating a Project Initiation Document

A project initiation document has the project outline, work scope, roles, accountability, and primary rules to follow in the project. You use these rules to clarify the requirements for team members. It is a bridge that helps internal and external stakeholders have transparency in their expectations and future communications. So, let’s learn how to build a project initiation document:

Steps to Build

  • Define the purpose of the project, objectives, goals, and expected deliverables. It is basically what the client wants your team to produce for them—context and background.
  • Describe the project factors to help you keep a check on the team’s progress on a daily or weekly basis. For instance, project budget, resources, milestone timeframe, metrics, and roadblocks.
  • Each project member must have individual and collective roles and responsibilities. These details are integral to a project initiation document.
  • Plan a business case and risk landscape for the project. That would leave you with fewer roadblocks during the project.
  • Conclude with the action plan. Once you know all the requirements and roles, it is now time to utilize those for a roadmap. The final section of the project initiation document should have a blueprint of how you intend to achieve the milestones and goals.

The project initiation document is a written guidebook defining the steps to project success. Once you are done building it, let all stakeholders review and sign-off on it to maintain project transparency.

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