ITSM in 2021: What Is It Going to Be Like?

ITSM in 2021: What Is It Going to Be Like?

Growing stakeholder expectations plus continuous new trends, will make ITSM in 2021 quite a reshuffle. Coupled with all the ‘new normal’ considerations, ITSM is getting harder by the day. So, how do you survive the year? In this article at ITSM.tools, Stephen Mann shares what ITSM in 2021 would be like for IT practitioners.

Analyzing ITSM in 2021

Digital Transformation

It is a no-brainer in the current situation that organizations would need the support of digital platforms. So, digital transformation is the top priority for several businesses this year. Instead of supporting your customers manually or in-person, provide virtual customer service options.

Remote Work Model

Work from home is going to be a permanent solution for multiple verticals. Initially, providing the infrastructure to employees was tough. However, ITSM in 2021 will see your organization having wider hiring options.

Cost and Security

The first wave of digital transformation is about survival. When you implement it successfully, the next priority is cost efficiency and security upgrades. With supporting a distributed workforce, you must secure your new work framework too.


With AI-enabled platforms and applications, you can reduce much of IT service desk agents’ manual tasks. On the one hand, you would learn how to leverage data, and on the other, you must retrain employees with new skills.


ITSM in 2021 will make businesses realize the underlying link between enabling work culture and better project deliveries. Employee well-being will also move up the management priority list. According to recent studies, 76 percent of participants believe IT jobs will be more demanding. Already 76 percent think they do not get recognition at work. Fifty-two percent complained that their work is affecting their overall well-being. Furthermore, 45 percent feel that their reporting manager is ineffective in addressing concerns. So, ITSM in 2021 will concentrate on the employee experience more than ever.

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