Leaders, Do You Manage or Run Over Your Team?

Leaders, Do You Manage or Run Over Your Team?

Motivated as you are, do you want to see your team members share your same enthusiasm and passion? But are they continually failing to meet your benchmark? Is it possible that you have asked more than they could deliver, and you have accidentally run over your team? In this article at IT Managers Inbox, Sam Grier discusses how not to run over your team and manage them instead.

How Not to Run Over Your Team

No matter how successful a leader you are or have been in the past, you have somehow managed to burn out your current team with unrealistic expectations. What do you do to not run over your team anymore? Here are some clues:

Understand Their Challenges

Does your team feel that you are not paying attention to their pain points as much as you should? Why not sit with them and address those issues first? You might have known those issues existed but will understand the severity only when you become an objective listener. It might be their system, colleague, or personal meltdowns causing the problem.

Bond with Them

Have you checked why the highest performer is suddenly showing a dip in performance? Try as you may, personal troubles make their way into professional cubicles. You do not have to be their confidante. However, learn about their daily lives outside of work instead of focusing solely on the job.

Acknowledge Their Wins

Your team is inundated with work every day, and yet they accomplish most of it. Do you acknowledge their hard work or point out what they have done wrong in your next meeting? Recognize their achievements. Boosting morale and giving them a safe environment to fail is crucial for the project’s health.

Be Kind to Your Colleagues

Do you fail to acknowledge your colleagues after they pull you out of a tight spot? Do they often face the brunt of your mood swings? The more you run over your team, the more the chance they will not come to your rescue the next time. Appreciate their help whenever possible.

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