Learn to Manage High-Profile Projects from Larry King

Legendary television and radio host Larry King was known for making his guests feel comfortable in live programs. To do so, he would build trust with the people enabling them to open up. In this blog article by Susanne Madsen, project managers and leaders can learn the art of building trust. Most of you have learned a lot about Larry King over the years. However, to acquire his same people management skills, let us look back on his career.

What’s the Correlation?

King performed about 50,000 interviews in his epic career, including globally renowned leaders and celebrities. He started his journey in 1957 as a disc jockey and radio interviewer in Miami. He gained popularity from his late-night TV shows on CNN for 25 years. Follow these career lessons of the global icon to become a successful project manager or leader:

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

King firmly believed in living in the present moment without worrying about the next. Let your curiosity guide you to develop the zeal to learn more. Since childhood, he was curious to learn and always followed his heart. As you start following your passion and trust your instincts, you will begin to treasure the current moment. Your passion and curiosity will enable you to take significant career risks. Furthermore, ask your team members and peers about themselves. It will help them open up and easily share their histories and talents.

In Stakeholder’s Shoes

Empathize with the people you work with and interact often. Put yourself in their situation to closely understand it and offer solutions to collaborate well with them. For instance, if you put yourself in a stakeholder’s position, addressing the concerns would be much more comfortable. You can coach your team to deliver the desired outcome. Invest time in understanding their opinions and learn about their issues to guide them better.

Larry King provided the formula to improve your curiosity by striking a healthy conversation with the people involved in your project. The right technique is to stay attentive and carefully listen to what the other person is saying. Being a project manager or leader, you can use this trust-building initiative with your team and stakeholders.

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