Promoted to a Remote Project Leader? Follow 5 Rules

Promoted to a Remote Project Leader? Follow 5 Rules

Project managers were used to handling their teams in person. But, in comes the pandemic fear, and out goes the old ways of guiding the team. As a new remote project leader, have you gone through several ups and downs in the past few months? Have you felt that you are failing to help your team out? That is a common syndrome project managers have, and it worsened during the lockdowns. In this article at ProjectManagement.com, Emily Luijbregts shares five rules you must follow as a remote project leader.

Tips for a Remote Project Leader

Managing a team at work was tough, but it is more challenging to virtually guide the team. You must assume that teammates are working per the timeline and believe they are following protocols. You always stay online at odd hours to help them out or just to check if they have correctly updated the work status. The relentless effort is tiring. Here are the five rules you should follow as a remote project leader to keep your peace of mind:

Set Goals

Always make your expectations clear to your team members. They must learn what they should prioritize and know what they can expect in return. Do not assume that they automatically will know what to do or prioritize. As a remote project leader, learn what motivates them and makes them work as a unit.

Balance Spaces

You should avoid team burnout at all costs. The assigned to-do list should not overflow into their private time-offs. Additionally, your teammates must not feel they are working like an island, isolated from the rest of the organization. Ensure that they have the right work-life balance so that they can be mentally refreshed for work.


While in-person bonding is not possible in the current state of affairs, encourage video chatting once in a while. That will enable you as a remote project leader to bond with the team, especially the new hires. Learn what interests them or the professional areas in which they want to deepen their knowledge.

Bonding Activities

Unlike widespread misgivings, you can have team-building activities on virtual platforms. Take a professional quiz together, have brown bag sessions in front of your laptop, or share anecdotes and trivia in meetings to break the ice.

Align with Work Styles

Some might like to work early in the day while others find more concentration at night. Since people must also do household chores and look after loved ones, you must know each of your teammates’ work styles. Stay flexible until you see a downward trend in team productivity. Address the pain points and let them take ownership of their work.

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