Sports Can Teach These Project Management Skills

Sports Can Teach These Project Management Skills

Sportspeople always attribute their success to the invaluable contribution of their coaches or captains. You can transfer the same leadership skills that you observe in the field. In this article at Association for Project Management, Jordan Fuller shares project management skills you can learn from sports.

Top Project Management Skills

A sports team needs a strong leader to improve skills, unity, and the winning probability. The same goes for project teams. As a manager, you must be their backbone. Here are the project management skills you must learn from sports:

Lead ‘Em Right

Managing a team is more than just monitoring task progress. You must guide them well and clarify any doubts to remove bottlenecks. It is the coach’s game plan and guidance that enables a sports team to realize its potential.

Team as a Unit

A team wins from individual contributions only when it is done from the team’s perspective, not for the sake of personal achievement. Trainers look after their boxers’ health while instructors coach their golfers how to make the best shots. Similarly, your project management skills should make the team think like a unit.

Thinking Long-Term

You cannot make a winning team overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, grit, and patience. Instead of focusing on the team’s recent wins or losses, a coach ensures the team is consistently working on their next moves. Similarly, your project management skills should help the project team never lose sight of their long-term vision.

Changing Landscape

Things are changing fast every day, especially after the pandemic. Your team must quickly adapt to the changes, or you might lose momentum altogether. After the initial hiccups of adjustment, you should be able to get back up on your feet soon.

Healthy Recap

Once the project is completed, resources are dispersed for other priority projects. One of your project management skills is to recap the lessons you have learned to apply them to your future projects. The team then does not repeat the same mistakes or must develop new skills from scratch.

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