Training Programs that Boost Employee Performance

Employees are the biggest asset of any business. Successful organizations are aware of how important it is to invest in talent. Many companies are implementing dedicated employee training and development programs to foster employee engagement and retain talented staff. Training and development are worth the investment because attrition costs more than retention. In this article at Hackernoon, Ashely John explains various training types that help your employees possess the skills you need for your next big project.

The Best Types of Employee Training Methods


This method relies on online videos, courses, and tests to deliver employee training. You can roll out an e-learning method when you have many employees, especially remote workers. Design the training program with interactive games and activities. This will go a long way towards keeping your business engaged with the training.

Hands-on Training

Hands-on training is directly conducted on the job. This method can help employees perfectly fit into their upcoming or current roles while enhancing their existing skills. Furthermore, they are immediately applicable to the employees’ jobs. As this is a time-intensive method, you can utilize it when there are enough resources to support a project during the training program.

Group Discussions

Group discussions and activities are an ideal training option for the right group of employees. It allows you to train multiple workers at once. This type of training is best applicable for challenges that require a collaborative approach to solve complex issues.

Personalizing the Training Strategy

“Once you have a platform to deliver a personalized learning experience, tailor courses with learning paths designed for individual needs,” says John. Analyze your employees in terms of their specific skills, technical and technological fluency, and their approach to learning. When developing a training program, think of your employees as consumers.

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