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Use Deep-Rooted Project Management Skills Right

Technical catchphrases and acronyms may sound fascinating, but they can lead to unnecessary chaos. After years of exposure and experience in project management, you will want to guide new talent joining the field in the most effective way. Thus, you may need to adjust the delivery of your in-depth knowledge to fit the aspiring audience. In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall shares his understanding of the subject and suggests smart ways to share your extensive knowledge in the right way.

Close Communication Gap

Learning new skills is exciting, but not all professionals have the same aptitude. It is tough to digest that most IT professionals are not well-versed with the project management jargon. Nonetheless, it is not easy to help others learn and understand what you already know. Try these ideas to avoid the communication gap with the rest of the team:

Evade Imposition

Sharing complex but insightful knowledge may be counterproductive. So, instead of using project management catchphrases, say something that the whole team recognizes.

Uncover Vision Gap

While working on the communication gap with your team, also evaluate your stakeholder’s knowledge. Be aware of their previous project experiences and understanding. The idea is to strategize a suitable communication plan to achieve stakeholder engagement.

Avoid Assumptions

Instead of giving unnecessary instructions or describing project management concepts beforehand, always ask questions. If the team members can answer the task assigned to them, they know your requirement.

Use Layman’s Term

Standard terms used by project management professionals may help your team understand better. Also, seeking feedback on your strategic ideas for a new project will bring positive results.

No Abstracts

You can cover the communication gap with visually appealing graphics in the presentation. However, do not use abstract or vague charts that can leave the team confused.

Try Storytelling

Stories leave a lasting impression on any audience’s memory. So, use narratives that can inspire and instruct your target audience to learn your perspective better.

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