What Does It Take to Be A Successful CIO?

What exactly makes a chief information officer (CIO) successful? Many believe that a CIO must possess technical know-how. However, a thorough understanding of how tech works is only the first step of being a competent CIO. In addition to technical skills, a CIO must also focus on soft skills to succeed as a leader. In this article at ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares key features that define a great IT leader.

How to be a Great IT Leader?

Communicate With Finesse

It is not enough to be merely tech- or data-driven. CIOs must communicate with finesse. Good communication is crucial to accelerate business objectives such as prioritizing projects, adapting to change, explaining the importance of new technology for business growth, and conducting training.

Develop Innovative Mindset

Understanding the organizational processes and proactively bringing innovative solutions to a problem will undoubtedly elevate a CIO to greater responsibility.

Connect Skills to Business Needs

Great CIOs first identify the business needs, connect the needs to IT skills, and effectively communicate how to accomplish organizational goals.

Build Collaboration

IT is teamwork. A project fails if CIOs fail to bring together architecture, operations, and development teams.

Develop Strategic Planning Skills

A CIO’s role involves a lot of strategic planning. In addition to technical knowledge, they must identify what the organization needs to drive growth. For instance, an IT leader must know when to build a product in-house or use third-party software. To make this type of critical decision, IT leaders must develop strategic planning skills.

Value Operational Expertise

CIOs must value the people that keep production lines running across the globe. When the organization faces a technical malfunction, IT leaders rely on the knowledge of key people. Therefore, recognizing and valuing the expertise of employees is crucial for business growth.

To read the original article, click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/this-is-what-makes-a-great-cio-five-things-you-need-to-focus-on-2021/.

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