What Should Be Your PM Priorities for a New Project?

What Should Be Your PM Priorities for a New Project?

Whether you are a born leader or not, it is tough to decipher how to go about a new project. So, you should have your PM priorities sorted out before diving in. The goal of a project manager is to have the project under control from the beginning. How do you do that? In this article at Online PM Courses, Mike Clayton shares PM priorities you should have for a new project.

Set Up Your PM Priorities

As you prepare yourself before the project starts, ask your team members about any potential project issues or challenges. It is good to have some ideas to play around with before your official induction into the project. It does not matter which you do first, but you should have all the below-mentioned PM priorities to manage a new project:

List to Take Control

  • Take care of your team. Remove all the issues that can hamper resource productivity. Give them the required tools and establish a committee to clear away administrative and logistical issues.
  • Have a governance framework in place because a lot rides on a project. For instance, your team and business reputation. You should convince the right authority to give the relevant approval at the right time.
  • One of the PM priorities is to have regular checkpoints to understand how things are moving. Define what it means by ‘Done’ and have room for a granular review of project status.
  • You must have checkpoints because you are answerable to the higher-ups in the form of reports. Gather data, draw insights, create presentations, and provide high-end progress reports per stakeholder interests.
  • Communication is a part of PM priorities, so you must learn how to build a good rapport with influential stakeholders. Having their support is an essential factor for your project deliverables seeing the light of day. Split your persona into two. One would look after the team while the other would efficiently coordinate with clients and management.
  • You cannot have everything in your mind when you are handling a large and layered project. So, have a roadmap that you can follow to handle the intricacies without losing track.
  • Understand what can be the ‘big lever’ for your project. For instance, for a project with tight deadlines, tracking your status with Kanban is pivotal.

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