What’s the Hallmark of A Successful Manager?

Developing managerial skills is essential for all professionals. People management is one of the top skills needed to thrive in today’s workforce. Several studies have revealed that organizations with talented managers experience increased productivity, higher employee engagement scores, and greater profitability. This indicates the importance of management in an organization’s culture and success. In this article at PMWorld 360, the author shares tips to become a better manager or a leader.

How to Master the Role?

Manage Up

Being a manager means you have people working above and below you. Learn to manage in both directions. This means you must learn how to communicate with your managers and team members and understand how they receive news and updates. Being able to navigate both up and down the hierarchical chain is crucial for new and existing managers.

Be a Good Communicator

Managerial roles involve handling complex business situations. When facing such challenges, be transparent about the tasks at hand and instill your team with a shared vision of how your organization will benefit from an impending transition. Continuously provide updates and reiterate your future to ensure your team members are aligned.

Master Technology

“As a manager, you must create a workday that runs smoothly and efficiently, and sometimes, that will mean including technology you have never used before,” says the author. Technology is ever-evolving, and as a leader, you must stay up-to-date in the technological world. Leadership and management courses will help you gain the skills necessary to adapt to new ways of learning.

Emotional Intelligence

This is one of the traits that will help you navigate through difficult conversations. Emotional intelligence will help you retain both clients and employees. Additionally, it will help you motivate your team to get on board with your vision and enable you to pitch your ideas to higher-level executives.

To read the original article, click on https://www.pmworld360.com/blog/2020/12/07/key-steps-to-mastering-a-managerial-role/.

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