5 Project Management Risks Amateurs Must Avoid

In the fast-evolving corporate world, IT professionals are bound to stay upbeat and learn to manage projects. People handling it for the first time with zero or limited knowledge often resort to free online templates. However, very few are aware of the common mistakes that lead to disruption. In this article at Forbes, Dana Brownlee defines the most apparent initial errors and explains how to avoid them.

The Initial Hiccups

Project management mistakes become massive and affect the allocated budget if not averted early. These mistakes also affect project performance, cause a delay in delivery, and may lead to a huge failure. Lack of employee training is the most likely reason for these amateur mistakes. Let’s review them:


New project managers make the common mistake of initiating concrete steps to take control. However, doing so in the initial phase may be catastrophic. The initial stage is more about keeping a close watch over the work without affecting progress. Get to know your peers and team members if you wish to get the desired job done. Give them space to grow without forcing them to outperform.


Project managers tend to cross paths with slackers, which is a significant roadblock. Slackers also drain resources and demoralize the entire team. To avoid such initial disruptions, stay focused and proactive to develop some essential rules. Your initial efforts should make a team of people accountable for on-time project delivery.

Time Management

Sometimes a task that appeared less time-consuming is not. The underestimated task then disrupts your schedule. To escape such disruptions, follow good time management techniques and encourage better estimating.

Risk Management

Project managers must also uncover significant risks looming around the project lifecycle. Additionally, carry out an early risk analysis during strategic planning meetings to mitigate risk in the initial phase. However, identifying them is not easy. So, switch to an unconventional route to find it.

Overlooked Plans

Often, novice project managers overlook covering critical tasks in project planning. The ideal approach to deal with the problem is to assign a group of team members to do it. Let them make a list of tasks necessary for the projects. Look at all the sections before your project meeting and update your list to avoid missteps.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danabrownlee/2021/03/18/first-time-managing-a-big-project-steer-clear-of-these-5-tragic-mistakes/?sh=2fd23414745f

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