Become an Interim Manager to Power Up Future Growth

Have you ever refused the opportunity to become an interim project manager? If you did, then reconsider it as an opportunity to showcase your real potential and accept the post next time. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Knight explains how an interim manager role can determine your future. Make efforts to ensure that your project team operates well under your guidance, resolve emerging issues, and avoid overplaying your authority. In doing so, you will earn the team’s trust and collaboration.

A Lifetime Opportunity

Experts believe that the acting manager’s role is a complex approach that gradually prepares you for better opportunities. However, it comprises a fair amount of uncertainty too.

Key Considerations

Follow these steps to adapt to the given opportunity:

  • To be considered for the role, distinguish yourself as the potential candidate. Volunteer to fill in till the search for the right candidate is over.
  • Maintain clear communication with management to get clarity about the work you need to accomplish. You must methodically help your team operate better.
  • Strategic decision-making and focusing on inheriting sustainable growth are crucial to leaving a long-term impression. Avoid overplaying your power and aim to win the trust of higher authorities and subordinates.
  • The temporary position of interim managers may turn your peers into assistants, which is a far more challenging situation to address. Maintain transparency and honesty with them to collaborate well.
  • If the temporary role does not turn into a permanent solution, stepping down to your previous responsibilities becomes tricky. Take the interim position as an experience and aspire to achieve a more significant role.

Stay motivated to achieve a larger role and hone your skills to bridge the existing gaps. You have the potential to turn a temporary position into your favor. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://hbr.org/2021/03/how-to-step-in-as-an-interim-manager?ab=hero-main-text

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