Building Resilient Organizations: CIOs’ New Priority

Despite the pressing need for advanced IT infrastructure, CIOs must take the plunge to improve business capabilities. You must initiate innovative business growth approaches to survive the growing market competition and disrupted business models. In this article at Inc.com, Rebecca Hinds defines how dynamic business acumen can drive business agility, security, and resilience. IT leaders must also take strategic initiatives to develop new capabilities.

Operational Stewardship

Modern organizations need efficient IT infrastructure with operational stewardship to deliver improved business capabilities. Here are some core competencies to elevate your efficiencies:

Vendor Ecosystem

Modern CIOs must change their mindset to collaborate with technology vendors. Look for service providers that can become your strategic partners in the future. CTO of Deloitte and executive sponsor of CIO Programs Bill Briggs believes that the evolving role needs a growth-oriented mindset and coalitions with IT vendors. So, aim to strengthen your technology backup by reassessing your vendor management capabilities.

CIO-CMO Alliance

It is time to mitigate the disconnect between you and your chief marketing officers (CMOs). Despite your differences with them, you should spend over 30 percent of the IT budget on product marketing, underlines a Harvard Business Review research. Even 45 percent of CMOs prefer avoiding IT intervention in their work. Nonetheless, you both need each other’s support and alliance to develop a resilient enterprise. The shared purpose of offering improved customer experience is the only common interest that can bring CIOs and CMOs closer together.

Emotive Insight

According to Gartner’s research, about 30 percent of the high-performing CIOs are exercising empathy. You must consider investing in tools and technologies that can address the remote staff’s daily requirements. Capitalize on advanced technologies that extend support to a majority of the workforce contributing from distributed locations.

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