CIO’s Guidebook to Survive the Post-Pandemic Crises

It is incredible to see how the coronavirus epidemic has brought about significant transformation. However, it is likely to herald an era of continuous changes in the digital world of business. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Ginny Hamilton defines CIOs’ significant contribution in pivoting corporations amid and after the pandemic.

Key Lessons

IT leaders must picture their business as the sole survivor of the global calamity to stimulate, align, and adapt to emerging trends. They must be ready to anticipate unexpected changes in customer interactions and future uncertainties. Here are some takeaways from the CIO desk to the IT leaders:

Work Management

Zoom’s Global CIO Harry Moseley remembers that IT leaders used to follow a schedule to manage people in the pre-pandemic phase. Their focus was more on getting a range of tasks done. 2020 made them concentrate more on work management, not just the people. The remote workforce was offered a flexible schedule to balance personal and professional commitments. Improved employee experience is a reward for IT leaders that efficiently promoted business expansion.

Empathy with Staff

Sal Cucchiara, CIO and Head of Wealth Management Technology at Morgan Stanley, believes in the power of leading with empathy. He suggests IT leaders must keep this quality in the post-pandemic world too. Employees count more on their leaders now than ever. Empathy is the key to drive employees towards surviving the challenges of the new normal.

Accelerate Growth

Sirius Group SVP and CIO Beth Boucher suggests that the digital workforce has successfully adapted to the changes. Nonetheless, to lift employee speed of delivering quality work, additional training and a thorough communication plan are pivotal. If the workforce adapts swiftly, accelerating new approaches to work and adopting innovative technologies are no longer a challenge.

Indeed, the global pandemic has forced people to reconsider their approach to work and deliver effective results. The New York CIO of the Year winners suggest making virtual actions more impactful. It is crucial now more than ever to understand where the virtual work scenario can amplify business growth. Communication is the key to boost progress.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2021/3/it-leadership-lessons-ny-cio

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