CIOs, Review Digital Operations and Future Plans

With digital tools becoming the critical route to business growth, CIOs need to reevaluate and redesign their strategy to spread their IT wings over the next five years. In this article at InformationWeek, Jessica Davis shares significant transformations that happened in the past year. Thanks to IT leaders, organizations worldwide managed to shift businesses to virtual platforms in the nick of time. The digital transformations are here to stay, so CIOs need to proactively make plans for the future.

A Lookback

Before talking about the future, here is a glimpse of 2020. Restrained by the COVID-19 pandemic, last year changed not only customer buy-ins but also the service delivery format. Employees moved to distributed locations and gradually adjusted to the prescribed work-from-home arrangement. CIOs offered a seamless and secured IT infrastructure to the remote workforce. However, organizations exclusively operating from physical locations found it difficult to move to virtual platforms. Nonetheless, they managed to expand their online functions. Thereby, logistics and digital delivery became a primary route to woo consumers.

Embark on New Changes

Significant amendments in the past made IT leaders the new transformation managers. The emerging market trends are a sign for them to take the plunge and pivot their priorities. Follow the lead:

  • The pandemic has stimulated the need for swift transformation. Certainly, the future will be far more distinct from the past and present. So, your operating models must get a face-lift. CIOs must assess organizational history to make robust plans.
  • Identify the new business priorities brought to light by the economic crisis. Take remote work as an opportunity to propose advanced learning and innovative ideas. It is time to adopt the new wave of change to embrace growth and people management.
  • Business leaders expect IT leaders to take strategic initiatives to expand non-technical verticals. Be open to accepting new responsibilities in the areas you have never tried your hands on, like business strategy, product development, and resilience.
  • Indeed, the future uncertainties remain a considerable challenge, and disruption is your key to survive and revive. So, prioritize innovation within the current limited budget allocated to you and be future-ready.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/executive-insights-and-innovation/cio-agenda-for-right-now-priorities-a-year-into-the-pandemic/d/d-id/1340370?

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