Digital Adoption is the 2021 CIO Priority, Learn Why

Digital Adoption Is 2021 CIO Priority, Learn Why

Forty-seven percent of CIOs think digital adoption has become a permanent process after the COVID-19 outbreak, per Harvey Nash/ KPMG CIO Survey 2020. Such a drastic move is because only 27 percent of CEOs are confident about their business’s future. To date, many organizations were just thinking about digital transformation, but 2020 made it compulsory. In this article at Hackernoon, Ben Jacobson shares why the 2021 CIO priority is about digital adoption.

Formalizing the 2021 CIO Priority

When organizations were pushed to the remote work model, they realized how ill-prepared their digital adoption rate was. There were hardly any tools ready for the distributed workforce. The digital workplace culture was pretty much non-existent. Work from home was even frowned upon. The pandemic changed all the customer expectations. They wanted more streamlined digital services, contactless communications, and self-service portals. To cater to them, CIOs faced several roadblocks. From then on, almost three-quarters of a CIO’s budget was directed toward cybersecurity issues. Here are some tips:

Set the Checklist Right

Do not just buy the latest tools. You must train employees and enable a digitally active work culture. Gartner’s ‘Improve Employee Usage, Engagement and Productivity With Digital Adoption Solutions’ report was eye-opening. It predicted that 70 percent of companies would adopt digital adoption solutions (DASs) to address user experience inadequacies.

Remove IT Burnout

A WalkMe survey revealed that 50 percent of Fortune 500 CIOs think insufficient IT skills are resulting in IT help desk burnout. The Nash/ KPMG report reflected that 84 percent of IT leaders are worried about massive IT team burnout. The 2021 CIO priority is naturally to provide some relief to the employees with digital adoption.

Manage IT Budget

IT leaders worldwide spent an average of $15 billion more per week in the first three months of the lockdown, the steepest rise in IT spending history. Since the expenditure is beginning to slow down, CIOs must confirm their ROIs. If your employees are not using the shiny tools, IT investments in them are futile.

Help Your Customers

Train your employees to help customers leverage the new technologies and tools. Many of them are first-time internet users, so your employees must thoroughly learn how to aid customers with digital adoption.

Improve Business

Unless you reduce employee stress related to digital adoption, you will lose senior and experienced professionals. Implementing and maintaining that effort enables you to increase the chance of being a future-ready organization.

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