Federal CIOs in the Age of Automated Cybersecurity

The world is experimenting with improved cybersecurity arrangements, and the federal government is not lagging. Significant tasks of delivering secure IT operations have been assigned to federal agencies. In this article at the Federal Computer Week, Dave Powner discusses the emerging opportunities wrapped in various challenges for federal CIOs.

Immense Pressure

IT leaders and federal agency CIOs are bound to deliver improved business outcomes to maintain trust. Developing and retaining a healthy relationship with state executives is crucial for the newly elected federal CIOs. It will help them implement mission-critical cybersecurity solutions with robust speed and accuracy.

The Federal Information Technology and Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), approved in 2014, has given great prominence to CIOs. The power assigned to them has given them access to eliminate vulnerable infrastructure. Federal agencies have reportedly saved about $5 billion per project. Additionally, agency CIOs have allocated automated pandemic response systems that showcase significant improvement.

Future Plans

Federal agencies and CIOs must develop a comprehensive asset management plan to reduce the cost of highly vulnerable legacy systems. Nurture a healthy relationship with your CFO to strategically allocate future IT budgets. Implement a technology staff assessment program with the HR chief. Line up the responsibilities of C-suite executives to address strategic priorities of the federal agencies.

Role of Federal CIOs

In the above-mentioned progressive approach, federal CIOs will play a critical role. Let’s take a look:

  • Back CISO, CTO, CDO, and acquisition chief regarding desired project budgeting and other management policies.
  • Help them expand engagement with the CIO Council and share their perspectives to confront common IT strategic challenges.
  • Participate in congressional committee meetings and contribute to the next “Congressional IT scorecard,” says the author.

Federal CIOs must monitor the progress on the revival of legacy systems to facilitate long-term project success. Automated legacy applications are impossible without the federal CIOs’ collaboration with business leaders.

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