Harness the Power of CIO-CXO Partnership

Today, nearly 70% of an organization’s brand experience is delivered through IT resources, giving chief information officers (CIOs) and customer experience officers (CXOs) a significant reason to collaborate. Technology provides companies a competitive advantage and plays a vital role in boosting the overall consumer experience. In this article at FedScoop, Dave Nyczepir explains why CIOs and CXOs must work together.

Benefits of CIO-CXO Collaboration

Track Customer’s Digital Experience

Customers now rely on apps, mobile devices, and social networks to learn about the services or products, compare prices, and make their buying decisions. This wide use of technology for brand interaction has blurred the line between where marketing ends and IT begins. The collaboration between CIOs and CXOs will help attract and retain customers that further translates into revenue growth. Additionally, CXOs can take advantage of technology for deeper customer insights, while CIOs can advise which technology will best help marketers achieve their goals.

Overall View of Your Customers

Your customer data is the most valuable asset. Collecting large volumes of data through online communities, social networks, and customer relationship management tools will help organizations attract more customers and drive revenue. Unifying your business and IT systems into a single, digital platform can help both CIOs and CXOs gain an overall customer picture.

Protect the Enterprise’s Brand Together

One of the common goals of IT and marketing teams is to protect the organization’s brand. Traditionally, marketing teams’ primary focus was to protect the brand image from external influences. However, today, even a minor security breach can have a devastating impact on a company’s brand. Furthermore, customers now expect ‘from-anywhere and an always-available’ experience. Therefore, CIOs must ensure zero outages because it can be detrimental to the overall customer experience.

By understanding each other’s priorities and challenges, CIOs and CXOs can devise strategies that will enhance brand reputation, customer experience, and revenue growth. To read the original article, click on https://www.fedscoop.com/cios-cxos-advisory-role/.

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