Help Reduce Scope Creep for Remote Employees

Help Reduce Scope Creep for Remote Employees

According to a 2020 study, organizations can complete only one-third of their projects. 44 percent of them have gone over budget or have produced ineffective deliverables. As a project manager, your job is to reduce any scope creep for your team, co-located or remote. In this article at PM Tips, Drew Gula shares tips to minimize scope creep for remote employees.

Deal with Scope Creep

You cannot have an impromptu meeting with team members like you did in physical offices. The isolated members might not voice their opinions when it is out of their hands. By that time, it might be out of your jurisdiction too. Here are some guidelines to help reduce scope creep for remote employees:

Explain the Term

Everyone has heard about the term ‘scope creep’, but how many know which roadblocks lead to it? Thoroughly discuss how it can impact not only individual work but also others’ assignments on the team. Additionally, provide them a management lesson on how to deal with it after it happens.

Encourage Independent Decision-making

Though you are always available for your team, they would think twice before sending a message when you are in a top management meeting. Instead of making your teammates wait for your decisions, leave certain decisions up to them.

Align Them with Strategy

Do teammates know why some tasks are high priority while others are low? Do they know what value they are bringing to the company? Provide them information about how they are contributing to the company vision. As a result, they might perform more proactive task management.

Enhance Team Coordination

To reduce scope creep, you can either micromanage or reduce the complexity. There is a better alternative—team collaboration. This increases communication. Each team member will have greater understanding about where they fit and why, thereby reducing the need for your intervention.

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