Here Are 3 Tips for Digital Transformation Projects

Here Are 3 Tips for Digital Transformation Projects

IT leaders are used to running digital transformation projects in their organization. Your stakeholders and sponsors have high hopes regarding their return on investment. However, other initiatives or existing issues may first need to be completed or resolved. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Robert Bogue shares three tips for digital transformation projects.

Success in Digital Transformation Projects

Digital transformation projects are typically long-drawn out and costly efforts. Because of this, they can create a lot of resistance and internal conflict. To have tangible benefits, follow these three guidelines:

Focus on a Primary Goal

Discover the organizational goal that can bring value to the company as well as your future endeavors. The value can vary from company to company or department to department. It can be the market offerings, cost-efficacy, or other pressing needs. Dividing your attention between several goals can be counter-productive, per recent studies. Do not let deviatory projects take away your focus.

Mid-Size Projects Matter

Of course, you will have a couple of mid-sized projects that you would want to finish off early. Before you prioritize any, those projects must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Can the project help your progress towards achieving the primary goal?
  • If it fails, how will it affect your primary goal?
  • Can you get something in return when you prioritize the mid-size project?

Go for Low-Hanging Wins

Are there projects that you check off while working on the digital transformation projects? It will not harm you if you get some quick victories by finishing these projects first. Repetitive, manual tasks like onboarding and offboarding are a few of the projects you can complete before kickstarting new initiatives.

It is never comfortable to orchestrate change. However, if you concentrate on these three things, you will be able to pursue your digital transformation projects unhindered.

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