How Can CIOs Overtake the Storm of Digital Adoption?

Digital transformation is the new imperative for leaders in the modern business world. Most enterprises are inefficient in spending millions of dollars on advanced technologies for workplace automation. So, leveraging the existing technologies is an ideal solution. In this article at CIO Dive, Katie Malone explains how CIOs can fully utilize current technologies to succeed in the digital race. One of the best approaches to maximize digital investments’ ROI is to focus on practical technology adoption. See if your digital assets are driving value and growth or just increasing bills.

2021 Priorities

According to a Constellation Research survey of top 100 CIOs, about 67 percent of IT leaders believe they can better influence the course of IT innovation. At the same time, 63 percent rely on workers to leave an impact.

About 42 percent of CIOs believe switching to an overall new IT solution can help businesses address coexisting issues. Only one-third rely on employee training and education to utilize existing IT solutions.

Erica Volini, the global human capital leader at Deloitte, suggests that CIOs could significantly influence the post-pandemic scenario. All they need to do is become more digitally agile. CIOs can facilitate valuable growth by leveraging digital adoption and implementation.

The Flip Side

Often, organizations are unable to realize the full potential of existing technologies. The deficiency of digital adoption makes a majority of end-users lack interest in the current tools. RB chief information and digitization officer Filippo Catalano supports extracting value from the digital capabilities you already have. He also advises assessing digital adoption by using metrics. Digital adoption is not just about installing a new system for business continuity; it is more about shifting the mindset to navigate transformation.

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