How can ITIL 4 Accelerate Business Operations?

The previous versions of the information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) documented various processes to integrate a value structure. ITIL 4 delivers multiple frameworks and approaches to accelerate service management operations. In this article at ITSM.tools, Jamie Bell elaborates on how ITIL has transformed IT services management to achieve business growth.

Effective Communication

IT is not a cost center any longer but has become a vital growth-driving force. It offers incredible prospects to develop brand value. ITIL 4 defines the service desk’s core objectives, i.e., to take over incident resolution and customer requests. It must also act as the critical entry point to establish effective communication with all groups involved in the process.

IT Service Responsiveness

Apart from communication, the service desk also identifies issues impacting future projections. They must also assess the areas of interest to create or sustain a healthy relationship with end-users. Service desk responsiveness is not confined to IT issues but applies to all public interactions across the organization.

ITIL 4 Manual

ITIL 4 classifies 34 management practices for agile organizations. It involves innovation, market speed, responsiveness, changing dynamics, scaling resources, and so on. Additionally, the guidebook delves into an expert’s accountability and competency. There are several steps in each ITIL 4 guide that can transform inputs into outputs. It can also be the basis for automation and data exchange. Many interactions happen between the support desk and end-users. ITIL 4 can aid in making them useful and compliant. You can iteratively develop once you start with ITIL 4 practices. However, instead of starting with training, start chasing an objective. Make sure you have skilled professionals and all the vital resources to make it work.

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