How EQ Transforms You into an Assertive Leader

How EQ Transforms You into an Assertive Leader

Managers and leaders should be more employee-centric today. For that, you must learn to maintain an enabling work culture in the team using your emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ). As an assertive leader, you need to be open to suggestions and understand team member issues. In this article at Project Times, George Pitagorsky shares how EQ can make you an assertive leader for better team management.

How to Be an Assertive Leader

“Be supple mentally. Strength does not lie in being firm and strong but in being pliable. The pliable tree stands in a gale. Gather the strength of a swift mind.” – J. Krishnamurti

There has been a misconception that you must be aggressive to be a leader, or people will take advantage of your leniency. Some also mistake assertiveness for aggression. When you are an assertive leader, you can make things work for yourself and your team without raising your voice or applying force.

What’s the Difference?

To be an assertive leader, understand the difference between aggression and assertion. Aggression is when you are in an attack mode consisting of violent, destructive behaviors. These could derail your professional relationships to the point of no return. Meanwhile, assertiveness is linked to being “compatible with empathy, kindness and caring,” says Pitagorsky. You can do this through EQ or emotional intelligence. You are aware of your flaws and skills and regulate them through empathy and an observant understanding of others’ opinions.

Here are a few things EQ helps you to accomplish as an assertive leader:

  • Acknowledge that you cannot solve certain things and accept reality. Instead of having a subjective opinion, you agree to disagree and move ahead.
  • Viewpoints vary, and you must tone down behaviors that count as aggression. For instance, you openly criticize someone’s work in the meeting. Does your feedback enable the person to improve or stop the individual from taking ownership any further? Your word choices should be constructive, even while criticizing someone.
  • Are your actions mindful of other’s emotions? While some things will be lost in translation, let your actions be more like an assertive leader than an aggressive manager.

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