How to Balance Creativity and Delivery Deadlines

How to Balance Creativity and Delivery Deadlines

No matter which methodology you adopt, you cannot meet delivery deadlines if your team fails to achieve the right creativity. Project managers of video gaming projects will wholeheartedly agree. How do you combine both to achieve project success? In this article at Association for Project Management, Dave Waller shares how you can balance creativity and delivery deadlines as a project manager.

Managing Creativity and Delivery Deadlines

To help creativity flourish, you must know where to let the team take ownership. Ensure that the iteration goals are met the majority of the time. For deviations, be sure to know there is a tangible outcome from it. Per Reflections producer Bob David, “follow the four Fs: fail fast and find the fun.”

Handling Creativity

There is a possibility that you would hark back to your old ways of project management and meet goals as expected. However, the product you will deliver would be a safe alternative instead of a revolutionary product that could attract more clients or projects.

For instance, the video game ‘Devil May Cry’ was originally set out to be a sequel of ‘Resident Evil’. A bug in the DMC game made the enemies fly up and remain in the air when a gamer virtually fired guns. This glitch created a whole franchise.

While Scrum would enable you to manage delivery deadlines as well as creativity, you can also try the MoSCoW standard. Let the creative team play their part until you reach the pre-production phase. You need to proactively ensure everything is in place before the delivery deadlines. Set up a realistic time estimate so that the creative team has the time for multiple iterations. Choose Kanban for better velocity and schedule short milestones that the team can achieve or modify faster.

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